Henning Fischer | Photography - In the Kingdom of Hope there is no Winter. Henning Fischer is a photographer living in Los Angeles, California. Passionately shoots portraits, lifestyle, commercial advertisement, film & theatre stills. German born with a decade of experience capturing unique moments from all over the world. A good-hearted risk taker who believes in trying everything at least once. “I'm basically an odd dude who most likely owns the friendly pit-bull in the park.” Work Henning has maintained a freelance status for his entire career. From 2006 - 2008 Henning traveled though Asia and Central America and the exhibition “Life – on the other side” was conceived. His photographs have been published in Europe and the United States. Clients are individuals, magazines, design firms, small companies, film & theatre productions, to name a few. Booking Please visit the ‘Contact’ page to direct all inquiries.

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